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About the Air, Climate, and Energy Research Program

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American communities face serious health and environmental challenges from air pollution and the growing effects of climate change, which are both intricately linked with energy options. The Air, Climate, and Energy Research Program (ACE) builds on more than 40 years of achievement in air pollution research that has led to landmark outcomes—including healthier communities and longer life expectancies—EPA researchers are exploring the dynamics of air quality, global climate change, and energy as a set of complex, yet interrelated challenges.

Air, Climate, and Energy Strategic Research Action Plan (PDF) (45 pp, 632K)

National Program Director
Dan Costa, Sc.D., DABT

Email: costa.dan@epa.gov
Phone: 919-541-2532

Deputy Director
Tim Watkins, M.S.

Email: watkins.tim@epa.gov
Phone: 919-541-5114