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About the Chemical Safety for Sustainability Research Program

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Chemical safety is a major priority of EPA research. Moving toward a safer and more sustainable environment requires producing new and existing chemicals in safer ways. It means having the information and methods needed to make better-informed, more-timely decisions about chemicals, many of which have not been thoroughly evaluated for potential risks to human health and the environment. The Chemical Safety for Sustainability Research Program (CSS) is geared to meet this challenge.

Chemical Safety for Sustainability Strategic Research Action Plan (PDF) (63 pp, 1.6MB)

Using innovative approaches, EPA scientists and their partners are embracing the principles of green chemistry to produce safer chemicals. They are also integrating a diversity of scientific disciplines to develop new prediction techniques, pioneering the use of innovative technologies for chemical toxicity testing, and designing tools to advance the management of chemical risks. Chemical safety for sustainability includes research in computational toxicology, nanotechnology, endocrine disrupting chemicals, human health, and pesticides.

National Program Director
Tina Bahadori, D.Sc.

Email: bahadori.tina@epa.gov
Phone: 202-564-0428