About EPA

About the Office of External Affairs and Environmental Education (OEAEE)

What We Do

OEAEE is the primary office for all EPA communications and public outreach. The Associate Administrator for External Affairs and Environmental Education is the principal advisor to the Administrator on all issues concerning short-term and long-term strategic communications. OEAEE:

  • prepares speeches for the Administrator and senior managers,
  • serves as the principal news media gateway for official Agency announcements, press releases and statements, speeches, Congressional and public hearing testimony, biographies of principal officers, and other documents of public interest,
  • coordinates Agency's external message for emergency response activities,
  • serves as the Agency-wide point of contact for the planning, developing, and reviewing of all Agency print, promotional, display, audiovisual and broadcast products (other than news and Web-based products) intended for the public,
  • directs Agency multilingual outreach and communications efforts,
  • establishes and maintains close working relationships with a broad range of public and private sector organizations,
  • manages EPA's Web content, including content on epa.gov and in new social media, and
  • leads and coordinates EPA programs to provide national leadership in promoting environmental literacy, in accordance with the National Environmental Education Act of 1990 (NEEA).

Programs and projects managed by OEAEE

Mail code: 1701A | EPA mailing addresses
Location:  EPA Headquarters at Washington, D.C. Federal Triangle campus

OEAEE Organization

Tom Reynolds, Associate Administrator

  • Phone: 202-564-8368

Alisha Johnson, Deputy Associate Administrator

  • Phone: 202-564-8368

Roxanne Smith, Principal Deputy Associate Administrator

  • Phone: 202-564-4455

The Office of External Affairs and Environmental Education includes:

  • Office of Environmental Education
    Sarah Sowell, Acting Deputy Director
  • Office of Media Relations
    George Hull, Director
  • Office of Multimedia
    Ron Slotkin, Director
  • Office of the Press Secretary
    Liz  Purchia, Press Secretary
  • Office of Public Engagement
    Micah Ragland, Director
  • Office of Web Communications
    Jeffrey Levy, Director