About EPA

About the Office of Federal Advisory Committee Management and Outreach (OFACMO)

What We Do

OFACMO oversees all of EPA’s advisory committees authorized under the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA).  The office manages five committees and is responsible for ensuring that all of EPA's advisory committees comply with FACA.  Advisory committees are composed of concerned citizens representing diverse points of view.  The committees provide EPA policy-makers with objective, timely advice and recommendations on environmental policies and programs. 

Programs and projects managed by OFACMO

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Location:  EPA Headquarters at Washington, D.C. Federal Triangle campus

OFACMO Organization

Cynthia Jones-Jackson, Acting Director

The Office of Federal Advisory Committee Management and Outreach includes:

  • Committee, Policy and Oversight Staff
    Toni Rousey, Acting Associate Director
  • Committee Management Operations Staff
    Mark Joyce, Associate Director
  • Planning, Technology and Outreach Staff
    Cynthia Jones-Jackson, Associate Director