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About the Office of Homeland Security (OHS)

What We Do

OHS provides Agency-wide leadership and coordination for homeland security policy; including EPA’s planning, prevention, preparedness, and response for homeland security-related incidents.  OHS responsibilities include:
  • setting and implenting a strategic direction for EPA’s homeland security activities, including coordination on homeland security budget, communications, and legislative issues;
  • directing implementation of Homeland Security Presidential Directives;
  • advising the Administrator and other senior leadership on matters related to national security and intelligence; serving as the principal Agency liaison to the U.S. intelligence community; and coordinating the EPA programs and Regions on matters related to classified and other sensitive information;
  • serving as the primary liaison with senior officials in the White House National Security Staff, the Department of Homeland Security, other federal agencies, and non-governmental partners;
  • facilitating regular collaboration with EPA program offices through intra-agency committees and workgroups to coordinate overall Agency homeland security strategy.

Programs and projects managed by OHS:

  • Homeland Security Collaborative Network
  • Homeland Security strategic planning
  • Pandemic flu preparedness and response
  • Nuclear Incident Response Team Interagency Agreement
  • Homeland Security Portal

Mail code: 1109A | EPA mailing addresses
Location:  EPA Headquarters at Washington, D.C. Federal Triangle campus

OHS Organization


Sam Wiggins, Acting Associate Administrator

Vacant, Acting Deputy Associate Administrator