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About the Sustainable and Healthy Communities Research Program

What We Do

How can we meet the needs of today without compromising those of future generations? More specifically, how can people protect our shared environment in a way that fosters human health and well-being, is socially just, and promotes economic prosperity?

Providing the science to answer the questions posed above is at the heart of the Sustainable and Healthy Communities Research Program. EPA researchers and their partners from across a wide spectrum of investigative fields are working together to form a deeper understanding of the balance between the three pillars of sustainability—environment, society, and economy. Their transdisciplinary work will provide the decision tools and data that communities need to make proactive, strategic decisions aimed at a prosperous, more environmentally sustainable future.

Sustainable and Healthy Communities Strategic Research Action Plan (PDF) (45 pp, 885K)

Acting National Program Director
Michael Slimak, Ph.D.

Deputy Director
Andrew Geller