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A Day In The Life of the EPA Administrator

What’s it like to make some of today’s most important environmental and public health decisions?  Go behind the scenes with EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy for a view of a typical day serving the American people. Read more about Administrator McCarthy.

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July 9-10, 2014: Meeting with Farmers in Missouri to Discuss the Proposed Rule to Protect Clean Water

The proposed clean water rule will clarify protections under the Clean Water Act for streams and wetlands that form the foundation of the nation's water resources. Administrator McCarthy spent time with Missouri’s agricultural community to discuss the proposal and share our commitment to getting it right.

Gina McCarthy and kittenJuly 9, 11:00 am - As Administrator McCarthy arrives at a mid-Missouri farm, she’s greeted by their friendly barn cat. (1/11)
The AdminJuly 9, 11:12 am - Administrator McCarthy takes a look at the soybean crop during her visit to the farm. (2/11)
July 9, 12:19 pm - Administrator McCarthy and EPA Region 7 Administrator Karl Brooks speak with reporters attending the farm tour about the specifics of the Clean Water Act proposal. (3/11)
July 9, 12:25 pm - Administrator McCarthy looks at an upland pond, which helps with conservation efforts and is exempt from EPA’s proposal because it is a part of normal farming practices. (4/11)
July 9, 2:02 pm - Administrator McCarthy and EPA staff hold a roundtable with local officials, organizations and state agencies to discuss EPA’s clean water protection proposal at the University of Missouri. (5/11)
July 10, 9:20 am - Administrator McCarthy talks with Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy Arvin Ganesan as she prepares to give a speech at the AgriBusiness Council of Kansas City. (6/11)
July 10, 9:35 am - Administrator McCarthy does an interview with Mike Adams of AgriTalk Radio about the proposal, and gives an overview of the important discussions she’s had in Missouri. (7/11)
July 10, 10:14 am - Administrator McCarthy sits down with the Kansas City Star Editorial Board to answer questions about EPA’s proposal to protect our nation’s waterways. (8/11)
July 10, 11:32 am - Administrator McCarthy interviews with This Week in AgriBusiness before her speech. (9/11)
July 10, 1:36 pm - Administrator McCarthy speaks to the AgriBusiness Council of Kansas City, committing to work with the agriculture industry and ensure that their input is heard before the clean water protection proposal is finalized. (10/11)
July 10, 2:11 pm - Administrator McCarthy and Regional Administrator Karl Brooks take a photo with the AgriBusiness Council of Kansas City. (11/11)

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