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Region 5 Main Number 312-353-2000
Call Region 5 toll-free at 800-621-8431 (The toll-free number only works in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin.) Call us on weekdays from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Central time. You can leave a message if you call outside of business hours.

Use the comment form below to send us a comment or question, or send email to r5hotline@epa.gov.
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Mailing Address:
US EPA Region 5
77 W. Jackson Blvd.
Chicago, IL 60604

Regional Hearing Clerk

The Regional Hearing Clerk maintains all official administrative records of cases in adjudication under various federal laws found at 40 CFR Part 22.

La Dawn Whitehead (whitehead.ladawn@epa.gov)
312-886-3713 or 800-621-8431 ext. 63713 (Region 5 states only)
Fax: 312-886-9697

US EPA Region 5
Office of the Regional Hearing Clerk
Attention: La Dawn Whitehead
77 W. Jackson Blvd.
Mailcode: E-19J
Chicago, IL 60604-3590

The filing window is located on the north end of the 19th floor.

  • Office Hours: Monday - Friday
  • Assignment of Docket Numbers/Case Initiations (i.e., Administrative Complaints and Simultaneous Complaint/Consent Agreement): Monday - Friday, 10 am - noon and 2 - 4:30 pm
  • Self-Service Filings (i.e. Pre-hearing Exchange, Motions, Orders): Monday - Friday, 9 am - 4:30 pm

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