About EPA

Maryann Froehlich, Acting Chief Financial Officer

Maryann Froehlich

Maryann Froehlich has devoted a career of over thirty years to Federal public service, working in various Federal entities – from the Federal Aviation Administration within the U. S. Department of Transportation, the U. S. Coast Guard’s Marine Environmental Protection Program, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 

Ms. Froehlich’s work at EPA has been in a variety of capacities.  She worked on legislative policy issues connected with the development of the first Superfund legislation, later she worked exclusively on Superfund reauthorization, and she held several supervisory positions, such as in hazardous waste policy, waste and chemical policy, and policy analysis and policy development.  In 1999, she accepted the position of Associate Deputy Administrator for the Agency, providing executive-level support to the Agency’s regulatory efforts and functioned as Chief of Staff to the Deputy Administrator.

In 2002, Ms. Froehlich joined EPA’s Office of the Chief Financial Officer as Deputy Comptroller, with broad responsibility for component offices handling the Agency’s budget, financial services, and financial management.  Two years later, her executive responsibilities were formalized through her appointment to the new position of Associate Chief Financial Officer, with an overall leadership role in all efforts managed or coordinated by the Chief Financial Officer.  She was appointed Deputy Chief Financial Officer in May 2006. She served as Acting Chief Financial Officer from January – November 2009, and is serving again in this capacity as of April 2013.

Ms. Froehlich is a graduate of Chestnut Hill College, with a B.S. in mathematics and physics.  She was awarded the degree of Masters in Public Administration by the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.