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About EPA

Organization Chart for the Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance (OECA)

Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance (OECA)
Assistant Administrator
Deputy Assistant Administrator
Principal Deputy Assistant Administrator
Associate Assistant Administrator for Environmental Justice
Deputy Associate Assistant Administrator for Environmental Justice

About OECA

Office of Administration and Policy (OAP)

About OAP

  • Administration Management Division (AMD)
  • Budget and Financial Management Division (BFMD)
  • Information Technology Division (ITD)
  • Policy and Legislative Coordination Division (PLCD)

Office of Civil Enforcement (OCE)

About OCE

  • Air Enforcement Division (AED)
  • Special Litigation and Projects Division (SLPD)
  • Waste and Chemical Enforcement Division (WCED)
  • Water Enforcement Division (WED)

Office of Criminal Enforcement, Forensics, and Training (OCEFT)


  • Criminal Investigation Division (CID)
  • Field Operations Program (FOP)
  • Legal Counsel Division (LCD)
  • National Enforcement Investigations Center (NEIC)

Office of
Compliance (OC)

About OC

  • Enforcement Targeting and Data Division (ETDD)
  • Monitoring Assistance and Media Programs Division (MAMPD)
  • National Enforcement Training Institute (NETI)
  • Planning, Measures and Oversight Division (PMOD)
  • Resource Management Staff (RMS)

Office of Environmental Justice (OEJ)

About OEJ

Office of Federal Activities (OFA)

About OFA

  • International Compliance Assurance Division (ICAD)
  • NEPA Compliance Division (NCD)

Federal Facilities Enforcement Office (FFEO)

About FFEO

  • Site Remediation and Enforcement Staff
  • Planning, Prevention, and Compliance Staff

Office of Site Remediation Enforcement (OSRE)

About OSRE

  • Policy and Program Evaluation Division (PPED)
  • Regional Support Division (RSD)
  • Program Operation Staff (POS)