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Bristol Bay

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EPA environmental enforcement violation

Report a Violation

Report possible violations of environmental laws and regulations.

Ask a question

Send an email to our Bristol Bay team (r10bristolbay@epa.gov), or use the form below to submit your question.

You may also contact our staff directly:

  • Judy Smith (smith.judy@epa.gov), Community Involvement Coordinator
    (503) 326-6994
  • Tami Fordham (fordham.tami@epa.gov), Tribal Liaison
    (907) 271-1484
  • Margo Young (young.margo@epa.gov), Project Manager
    (206) 553-1287

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Make a request for accommodation

To make a request to accommodate language or other special needs, contact Judy Smith (smith.judy@epa.gov) at 503-326-6994, or use the form below.

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