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CAA Permitting in EPA's Pacific Southwest Region

EPA's Pacific Southwest - Region 9 - Serves Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, the Pacific Islands and 148 Tribal Nations

Current Actions

NHPA Consultation Public Comment Period for Proposed PSD Permit Amendment: McElmo Creek Unit Oil Production Facility

Contact Information for Region 9 Air Permitting

Permits Office General e-mail: r9AirPermits@epa.gov
Manager: Gerardo Rios (rios.gerardo@epa.gov)

Responsibility Contact Phone
  Manny Aquitania (aquitania.manny@epa.gov) (415) 972-3977
  Lisa Beckham (beckham.lisa@epa.gov) (415) 972-3811
  Eugene Chen (chen.eugene@epa.gov) (415) 947-4304
  Lornette Harvey (harvey.lornette@epa.gov) (415) 972-3498
  Shaheerah Kelly (kelly.shaheerah@epa.gov) (415) 947-4156
  Larry Maurin (maurin.lawrence@epa.gov) (415) 972-3943
  Ya Ting Tsai (Tsai.Ya-Ting@epa.gov) (415) 972-3328
  La Weeda Ward (ward.laweeda@epa.gov) (213) 244-1812
  Laura Yannayon (yannayon.laura@epa.gov) (415) 972-3534
PSD Permits Modeler Cleveland Holladay (holladay.cleveland@epa.gov) (415) 947-4140