CAMEO: Downloading MARPLOT

MARPLOT is a mapping application that is part of the CAMEO software suite, a system of software applications used widely to plan for and respond to chemical emergencies. Learn more about CAMEO and MARPLOT.

MARPLOT 4.2.4 is a Windows application that can be run on XP, Vista, or Windows 7. Macintosh users can still run an older version of MARPLOT; download the Mac version.

Downloading MARPLOT version 4.2.4

Download MARPLOT 4.2.4 full installer (EXE) (75.7 MB)
(use the full installer if you don't already have MARPLOT, or if you have less than version 4.2)

Download MARPLOT 4.2.4 updater (EXE) (13.5 MB)
(use the updater only if you already have MARPLOT version 4.2, 4.2.1, 4.2.2, or 4.2.3)

Note: The installer file comes with the MARPLOT program, a set of national basemap layers, and an extensive set of context-sensitive help screens (rather than a separate manual).

For technical information about file formats and import/export, download:
MARPLOT Technical Documentation (PDF)

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Installing MARPLOT 

Note: If you have a pre-4.0 version of MARPLOT, remember to download and read the guide for updating to MARPLOT 4.x from a 3.x version.

Once you have downloaded the installation program, double-click the MARPLOT application file, then follow the directions you'll see on your screen.

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Starting MARPLOT

To start MARPLOT, open the Start menu, then point to Programs, and then click MARPLOT.

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Getting Help

You can report software bugs or obtain additional assistance by emailing, or by calling the CAMEO help desk at (703) 227-7650.

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What's New in MARPLOT Version 4.2.4?

  • Modified the Get Address feature to use a newer version of Google's Reverse Geocoding tool (v. 4.2.4). 
  • Fixed the Go To Address feature which was using a discontinued web service.  It now uses MapQuest API (v. 4.2.3).
  • Updated the Topo basemap layers, which are web mapping services (WMS) provided by other organizations (v. 4.2.3).
  • Minor changes and bug fixes (v. 4.2.3).

Directory of MARPLOT download files

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