CAMEO:Training and Events

Ongoing Training

Online CAMEO Training, University of California at Davis Extension

The University of California (UC) at Davis Extension provides two online CAMEO training courses. CAMEO 1 Exitconsists of CAMEO Chemicals and ALOHA, and CAMEO 2 Exitcovers MARPLOT and CAMEOfm, plus integrating all aspects of CAMEO (CAMEO Chemicals, ALOHA, CAMEOfm, and MARPLOT) in a number of scenarios. For more information, please call UC Davis Extension at (800) 752-0881.

Louisiana State University, National Center for Biomedical Research (NCBRT) offers Department of Homeland Security (DHS) certified courses covered under the NCBRT’s Homeland Security National Training Program Cooperative Agreement. CAMEO introductory and advanced courses are included in this program. As a DHS primary training provider, the NCBRT can offer this vital training at no direct cost to your agency. Please contact the NCBRT at or 1-877-829-8550 to schedule a course through your state administrative agency, or visit Exitto learn more about the NCBRT’s training opportunities

User Groups

New England CAMEO User Group
For information about the New England CAMEO User Group user group, email: Tom Campbell (  or call: (401) 222-1360 Ext. 7128.