Carbon Pollution Standards

Regulatory Actions

Under President Obama’s Climate Action Plan, EPA is proposing carbon pollution standards for new power plants built in the future, and is engaging with states, stakeholders, and the public to establish carbon pollution guidelines for existing power plants. In the Clean Air Act, Congress recognized that the opportunity to build emissions controls into a source’s design is greater for new sources than for existing sources, so it laid out different approaches to set the two types of standards.

Actions for New Power Plants

2013 Proposed Carbon Pollution Standard for New Power Plants

On Sept. 20, 2013, the EPA issued a new proposal for carbon pollution from new power plants.

2012 Proposed Carbon Pollution Standard for New Power Plants

On March 27, 2012, the EPA proposed the first Clean Air Act standard for carbon pollution from new power plants.

2010 Proposed Settlement Agreements

On December 23, 2010, the EPA entered into two proposed settlement agreements to issue rules that will address greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel-fired power plants and refineries.

Actions for Existing Power Plants

The agency is using its authority under section 111 of the Clean Air Act to issue standards, regulations or guidelines, as appropriate that address carbon pollution from existing power plants, including modifications of those plants. The Presidential Memorandum specifically directs EPA to build on state leadership, provide flexibility and take advantage of a wide range of energy sources and technologies towards building a cleaner power sector.