Environmental Technology Innovation Clusters

EPA's Clusters Program supports clusters focused on technology innovation in clean water and air.

If you are involved in a cluster or other environmental technology innovation effort, we want to hear from you.

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Environmental Technology Innovation Clusters

Environmental technology innovation clusters are regional groupings of businesses, government, research institutions, and other organizations focused on innovative technologies for clean air or clean water. These dense networks can help solve the nation's environmental challenges by spurring technology innovation. Read more about clusters.

EPA supports clusters through the Environmental Technology Innovation Clusters ProgramIf you are interested in getting involved in an environmental technology cluster, we'd like to hear from you.

The Clusters Program disseminates best practices in cluster development, connects clusters to relevant EPA programs, and maintains an inventory of U.S. environmental technology clusters. Read more about the Clusters Program.

Technology Innovation

The Clusters Program helps promote innovative technological solutions to environmental problems, as outlined in EPA's technology innovation roadmap.

Read more about innovation at EPA.

Cincinnati Regional Water Cluster

The Clusters Program works closely with EPA researchers in Cincinnati to support Confluence, a water technology cluster in the Greater Cincinnati area (including Dayton, northern Kentucky, and southeast Indiana).

Read more about EPA's cluster efforts in Cincinnati.

Clusters Map

Click on the map below to locate U.S. environmental technology innovation clusters.

View the map and a directory of clusters here.