Deer Lake Area of Concern

Deer Lake is one of 43 contaminated sites designated as an Area of Concern under the 1987 Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement. Since 2010, $8 million from the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative has been used to complete the final actions to remediate and restore this AOC. All cleanup work required to remove Deer Lake from the binational list of AOCs has been completed.

Latest News

The Deer Lake Public Advisory Council, in conjunction with the State of Michigan, initiated the formal delisting process of the Deer Lake AOC in March 2014. 

Now that we've completed the Partridge Creek Diversion Project (the last major management action) and removed all three benefical use impairments, the process of delisting the AOC has begun.

An AOC technical committee has been formed, made up of staff from state and federal agencies, and the Public Advisory Council's technical committee. The committee is using delisting criteria based on Restoring United States Areas of Concern: Delisting Principles and Guidelines (PDF) (29 pp, 65 K, About PDF).