Enforcement Annual Results Concluded Cases Map for Fiscal Year (FY) 2013

Concluded EPA Enforcement Cases Map

This interactive map shows information on concluded enforcement actions and cases from fiscal year (FY) 2013. They include civil enforcement actions taken by EPA at facilities, criminal cases prosecuted by EPA under federal statutes and the U.S. Criminal Code, and cases in which EPA provided significant support to cases prosecuted under state criminal laws. The indicators on the map generally mark the location of the site or facility where the violations occurred or were discovered.

How to Use the Map

Add or subtract EPA enforcement actions to and from the map by checking or un-checking the box next to the program of interest (water, air, etc). Zoom the map to an exact location. Enter a city and state in the search box, then press the [Enter] key on your keyboard or use the zoom bar in the map's upper left corner. Click on the indicator to get information on the environmental enforcement case. See "Questions About the Maps" for additional information and needs accommodations related to a disability.

Find address or place: Enter city and state. Press [Enter] on your keyboard.

Civil enforcement actions at facilities and criminal enforcement actions concluded in FY 2013.


  • Civil enforcement cases not represented on this map.
    State City Facility Site Name Law FacilityID
    AK Not Applicable Aleutian Leader Fisheries LLC - F/V Judi B (Uscg No. 562772) CWA 110042369120
    AK Unknown Blue Ballad Llc/ Blue North Fisheries Inc - F/V Blue Ballard (Uscg No. 974507) CWA 110042374908
    AK Unknown Blue North Fisheries Inc - Blue Pacific (Uscg No. 569927) CWA 110042375006
    AK Bering Sea F: Golden Fleece (609951) CWA 110009005129
    AK Bering Sea F: Judi B (562772) CWA 110011383172
    CN Ontario Proteckta Inc. FIFRA 110054920911
    GM Houston Prime Offshore LLC. CWA 110013346423
    GM Houston Weatherford Pipe. & Spec Serv CWA 110038109953
    IL Wedron Bp Products RCRA 3400052020
    IL Carlock Carlock SDWA 110013056110
    IL Findlay Findlay SDWA 110018334934
    IL Wedron Illinois Railway, LLC RCRA 3400052013
    IN Anderson Coeus Technology, LLC FIFRA 110055647420
    LA Venice Main Pass 46 1000 Leg Production Facility CWA 1800064150
    MI Bronson North Bronson Industrial Subareas CERCLA 110009351398
    MN Plymouth Creative Water Solutions, LLC FIFRA 110055642158
    MN Beardsley Thomas Herberg CWA 110055645814
    MT Harlem Fort Belknap Indian Community And Prairie Mountain Utilities SDWA 110024264678
    MT Harlem Lodgepole Housing Water System SDWA 110032598909
    OH Hudson Bioclean Ohio, LLC FIFRA 110055647288
    OH Grove City Bioclean Technologies, LLC FIFRA 110055642693
    OH Concord De Nora Tech, Inc. FIFRA 3400051578
    OH Dayton Harris-Thomas Industries Site CERCLA 110045016521
    OH Mount Hope Howbert Company, Incorporated FIFRA 110014420484
    OH Hamilton Listening Systems, Inc. FIFRA 110055647340
    OH North Hampton North Hampton Village SDWA 110037230626
    OH Cheshire Reed Minerals Division Harsco Corporation CAA 110008573515
    ON Toronto Micrylium Laboratories FIFRA 110055643905
    UT Roosevelt Berry Petroleum Co., Brundate Gas Plant CAA 110033138021
    UT Salt Lake City Big Cottonwood Pine Tree Water Co Inc. SDWA 110052907244
    WI Cedarburg Cedar Creek CERCLA 110009317890
    WI Stevens Point Wpsc Stevens Point CERCLA 110022814212
    • Cleanup cases are civil enforcement actions taken under the Superfund program and the RCRA corrective action and leaking underground storage tank programs.

    • Criminal enforcement cases include those prosecuted by EPA under federal statutes, the U.S. Criminal Code (Title 18), and cases in which EPA provided significant support to cases prosecuted under state criminal laws.

    • Federal - Includes federal agencies and contractors at federal facilities.