Environmentally Responsible Redevelopment and Reuse (ER3) Success Story - American Barrel

In July 2009, the EPA, DOJ, and the Redevelopment Agency of Salt Lake City (RDA) entered into an Agreement & Covenant Not to Sue/Prospective Purchaser Agreement (PPA) to facilitate “green” commercial redevelopment of portions of the Utah Power & Light/American Barrel Company Superfund Site (Site). Cleanup of the former industrial area was completed in 1996 by the potentially responsible parties and continues to undergo operation and maintenance to ensure the remedy remains effective. 

In an effort to revitalize this industrial district, Salt Lake City purchased two parcels of the Site as part of its Deport District Redevelopment Project and Grant Tower Junction Realignment Project. The City anticipates this revitalization effort will result in substantial public benefit by providing jobs, increasing the tax base, and preserving green spaces.

As part of the ER3 initiative, the RDA received liability relief under the PPA, and is required to implement the necessary institutional control by placing an environmental covenant with use and activity restrictions on the property, pay the United States $30,000 for future oversight of the environmental covenant, and provide the EPA with site access. In addition, the RDA will require, to the maximum extent practicable, that future developers incorporate “green” features into the design, construction, and operation of the development. The PPA enhances the prospects for redevelopment by offering developers certainty and comfort that EPA supports redevelopment of the contaminated property. Participating projects will, among other things:

  • Register the building project with the US Green Building Council (USGBC)
  • Design and construct the project to achieve, at a minimum, a LEED silver certification under the USGBC green building standard
  • Design and construct the project to earn the Department of Energy administered Energy Star
  • Incorporate WaterSense labeled fixtures and elements, approved by the EPA WaterSense administered program.

In February 2011, under an addendum to the PPA with the EPA, Salt Lake City assumed responsibility for executing the environmental covenant and Gateway Parking L.C. assumed the remaining obligations. Gateway Parking L.C. has development plans for a portion of the property which they plan to acquire from the City. In March 2011, Salt Lake City recorded an environmental covenant that places activity/use limitations on the properties specified in the PPA. Salt Lake City is still seeking partners for development of the remaining land.

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