Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Workshop

Sponsored by the Transit-Oriented Development Workgroup of the Environmental Financial Advisory Board (EFAB), the TOD workshop, held on May 24, 2012, brought together government, industry, and finance experts with a wealth of real-world experience in implementing transit-oriented development projects.

The Board’s goal was to collect information and ideas with respect to financing transit-oriented development. During the workshop, speakers and panelists:

  • presented the state of transit-oriented development and sustainable communities within the current economic and legal frameworks,
  • reviewed the experiences of cities in implementing transit-oriented development projects,
  • considered the elements of a successful economic development dynamic, 
  • examined a range of established and innovative approaches to financing transit oriented development projects, and
  • looked at the roles of governments in supporting development in and of sustainable communities.

Meeting Materials


Sustainability and the TOD Landscape: Lessons from DC and the Nation (PDF)

Transit-Oriented Development at EPA (PDF)

City Experinces: Challenges and Successes

The Economic Development Dynamic

Transit-Oriented Development Finance

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