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Hydrological Simulation Program - FORTRAN (HSPF) is a comprehensive package for simulation of watershed hydrology and water quality for both conventional and toxic organic pollutants. HSPF incorporates watershed-scale ARM and NPS models into a basin-scale analysis framework that includes fate and transport in one dimensional stream channels. It is the only comprehensive model of watershed hydrology and water quality that allows the integrated simulation of land and soil contaminant runoff processes with In-stream hydraulic and sediment-chemical interactions. The result of this simulation is a time history of the runoff flow rate, sediment load, and nutrient and pesticide concentrations, along with a time history of water quantity and quality at any point in a watershed. HSPF simulates three sediment types (sand, silt, and clay) in addition to a single organic chemical and transformation products of that chemical.

Current Version: 11.0
Release Date: April 1997
Development Status: General Release
Development Information: Release Notes - changes and known deficiencies
Operating System: 16-bit MS-DOS
Development Language: FORTRAN
Intended Audience: Environmental Scientist/Biologist
Key Words: assessment, biology, compliance, deposition, discharge, environmental effects, estuaries, hydrology, lakes, metals, monitoring, NPS related, NPDES, nutrients, permits, pesticides, point source(s), rivers, sediment, streams, surface water, test/analysis, TMDL related, toxicity
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Text Files (ASCII Format)
File Name File Description
ABSTRACT.TXT Summary of functions, theory, and applicability.
README.TXT Important installation and usage information.

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Install /
Self-extracting Executable /
8.7 MB
Setup file for version 11.0 of the HSPF system. Use this for new installs. INSTALHS.EXE must be executed from DOS or a DOS command prompt. Setup file includes documentation. See README.TXT for important installation instructions.
Update /
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This patch replaces the file XHSPFX.EXE from an existing HSPF 11.0 installation in order to fix "Year 2000" compliance problems. This patch should only be applied to a current HSPF 11.0 installation. Save the file HSP11Y2K.EXE in the existing HSPF11 directory (e.g., C:\HSPF11) on the target system. Execute it to extract the updated XHSPFX.EXE file and overwrite the existing version.