The FEC will work with the Federal Green Challenge to offer monthly webinars/teleconferences to teach Partners about best practices, program requirements, tools, and resources. Presentation files will be added as they become available. See sidebox for more information on these webinars. There are also many presentations available below on the overview of the previous FEC Program and about all the various aspects of the program.  We hope these presentations can work to support your efforts to meet your federal sustainability goals.

Past Presentations

Program Overview

Overview of the Federal Electronics Challenge Program
Date: April 2012
This presentation provides an overview of the Federal Electronics Challenge, including program goals, information on how to participate and receive recognition, and tools available.

Building a Team for Your FEC Program
Date: July 2011
This presentation provides information on building your electronics stewardship team within your organization.

FEC Mentoring: Sharing Successes and Lessons Learned
Date: February 2012
This presentation provides an overview of mentoring to improve electronics stewardship.

Overview of FY2012 Annual Reporting and 2013 Award Applications including FedCenter Walkthrough 
Date: October 2012
This presentation provides an overview of the process for submitting FY2012 Annual Reporting Forms and 2013 Award Applications.

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About Electronics

Innovative Financing Strategies for Green IT
Date: December 2011
Contact: Jeff Eagan, DOE, Jeff.Eagan@eh.doe.gov
This presentation provides an overview of using energy efficiency savings to support IT transformation through Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPCs).

Electronic Stewardship for Small and Handheld Electronics
Date: May 2013
This presentation provides an overview of small and handheld electronics and some of the ways that their purchase, use, and end-of-life management can be improved.

Measurement, Reporting, and Calculating Environmental Benefits of Electronics Stewardship
Date: March 2013
This presentation discusses strategies for measuring and reporting electronics stewardship activities.

Electronics Legislation, Regulations and Rules
Date: November 2013
This presentation provides general information federal, state and international legislation, regulation and rules applicable to electronics management.

Electronics Stewardship and Environmental Management System (EMS)
Date: September 2012
This presentation presents the basics Environmental Management Systems, the connection to electronics stewardship, and lessons learned.

Electronics Stewardship for Imaging Equipment
Date: July 2013
This presentation discusses electronics stewardship considerations for imaging equipment and best practices for printing and copying in the workplace.

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Acquisition and Procurement

Federal Green Purchasing for Electronics: EPEAT, ENERGY STAR and FEMP
Date: September 2013
This presentation provides an overview of EPEAT, ENERGY STAR, FEMP and other green purchasing considerations for electronic products. It also provides an overview of FEMP's Commit to Efficiency Campaign.

Operation and Maintenance

Reducing Paper, Ink and Toner Usage
Date: April 2013
This presentation provides strategies for reducing paper and ink/toner usage, tracking your savings, and lessons learned from a case study in EPA Region 8.

Power Management for Federal Facilities
Date: January 2012
This presentation provides an overview of power management and federal requirements, and strategies for implementing power management at your organization.

Power Management Overview
Date: June 2013
This presentation provides an overview of the benefits of power management and other opportunities to save energy.

Extending the Useful Life of Electronics at Your Facility
Date: January 2013
This presentation reviews strategies for the extending the usable life of office electronics.

Duplexing and Print Management
Date: October 2012
This presentation provides information on duplexing and print management.

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End-of-Life Management

Responsible Electronics Recycling and Media Sanitization
Date: February 2013
This presentation provides an overview of responsible electronics recycling options for federal agencies and facilities, as well as media sanitization guidelines.

Federal Options for Electronics Reuse and Recycling
Date: November 2012
This presentation provides information on federal options for reusing and recycling used electronics; GSA property disposition rules and guidance; a USPS program for product take-back; and a case study on federal electronics disposition from a federal laboratory.

The Computers for Learning Program
Date: January 2014
This presentation provides an overview of the Computers For Learning Program, which enables schools and educational nonprofit organizations to obtain excess computer equipment from federal agencies.

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Data Centers

Best Practices for Data Centers 
Date: July 2012
This presentation provides information how to use your FEC experience to take the next step in implementing best practices in federal data centers.

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