Additional Instructions for Making Payments to EPA

In addition to the instructions found at, the following table provides further information and instructions for payments to EPA for Superfund fees, FOIA fees, travel fees, bankcard fees, and fines and penalties.

Payment Method Payment Instructions
Automated clearing house payments made through Vendor Express

Automated Clearinghouse payments to EPA can be made through the US Treasury using the following information:

US Treasury REX/Cashlink ACH Receiver

ABA: 051036706

Account Number: 310006, Environmental Protection Agency

CTX Format Transaction Code 22 – checking

Physical location of US Treasury Facility:

5700 Rivertech Court

Riverdale, MD 20737

US Treasury Contact Information:

John Schmid: 202-874-7026

Remittance Express (REX): 1-866-234-5681
Wire transfers made through Fedwire

Wire transfers to EPA can be done through the Federal Reserve Bank of New York using the following information:

ABA: 021030004

Account Number: 68010727

SWIFT address: FRNYUS33

33 Liberty Street

New York, NY 10045

Beneficiary: US Environmental Protection Agency

*Note: Foreign banks must use a United States Bank to send a wire transfer to the US EPA.

Checks from foreign banks with no US branches

Send checks to:

Cincinnati Finance


26 W ML King Drive

Cincinnati, OH 4526-0001