Geospatial Resources at EPA

EPA Geospatial Data

Environmental Dataset Gateway (EDG)

To find EPA's geospatial data you can visit EPA's Environmental Dataset Gateway (EDG). The EDG is a gateway to Web-based geospatial information and information services. It enables data consumers to discover, view and access geospatial resources (e.g., data, services, or applications) made available by EPA's program offices, regions, and labs. You can search EPA's Environmental Dataset Gateway by entering a term in the search box below. To learn more about the EDG, visit About the Environmental Dataset Gateway

Developer Central

EPA's Developer Central is a resource for developers who are interested in building applications using EPA data and Web services.  It provides access to APIs, code samples and widgets, and a showcase of data and applications to get developers started.

EPA's publicly available geospatial metadata can also be accessed through:

  • Data.Gov 
    Data.Gov is a public gateway to federal data holdings that is updated regularly with information from EPA's geospatial metadata catalog. Users can quickly and easily create maps and mashups from live web services and local content.  

    The federal Geospatial Platform is an Internet-based capability providing shared and trusted geospatial data, services, and applications for use by the public and by government agencies and partners to meet their mission needs. Through the Geoplatform, users will have access to:
    • Authoritative data to support informed decision making
    • Problem solving applications (services) that are built once and used many times across multiple federal agencies and other organizations
    • A shared cloud-computing infrastructure to host data and applications
    • A national and federal focal point where governmental, non-governmental, private, 
and public data and applications can be visualized together to inform and address national and regional issues