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Lake Superior

Map of Lake Superior Lake Superior is a vast fresh water resource that has not experienced the same levels of development, urbanization and pollution as the other Great Lakes. Recognizing the unique qualities of this resource, the United States and Canada developed A Binational Program to Restore and Protect the Lake Superior Basin. This program focuses on the entire Lake Superior ecosystem - air, land and water – to restore degraded areas and protect this unique headwater lake for the people and wildlife that use it. 
Geophysical Lake Superior

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Lakewide Management Plans (LAMPs)

In 1987 the governments of Canada and the United States made a commitment, as part of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement to develop a Lakewide Management Plan for the Great Lakes which is coordinated by federal, state and provincial government agencies. The LaMP unites a network of stakeholders in actions to restore and protect the Lake Superior ecosystem.

Other Plans and Reports

Lake Superior Great Lakes Areas of Concern (AOCs)

  1. Deer Lake AOC - Michigan - DELISTED
  2. St. Louis River AOC - Minnesota, Wisconsin
  3. Torch Lake AOC - Michigan
  4. St Marys River AOC - Michigan and St. Marys River AOC - Canada Exitis a binational Area of Concern
  5. Thunder Bay AOC - Canada Exit
  6. Nipigon Bay AOC - Canada Exit
  7. Jackfish Bay AOC - Canada Exit
  8. Peninsula Harbour AOC - Canada Exit