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Models, Tools and Applications for Homeland Security Research

EPA develops models, tools, and applications that can be readily used by partners to prevent, prepare for, and recover from contamination incidents involving chemical, biological, and radiological agents.

Securing and Sustaining Water Systems

EPA develops products for water quality surveillance and response.  These products help:

  • optimize water quality sensor placement
  • design decontamination strategies for contaminated drinking water systems
  • develop methods for increasing the resilience of water systems

Products are all available for download at no cost under open-source licenses.



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Characterizing Contamination and Determining Risk

Characterizing site contamination is an important part of EPA's homeland security research program. Sampling protocols, sample preparation methods, and analytical methods are being developed and verified for chemical, biological, and radiological agents. Additional research supports risk assessment methodologies and crisis communication techniques, such as message mapping.


Remediating Indoor and Outdoor Environments

EPA provides procedures and methods to help contain and mitigate contamination including techniques on how to remediate or decontaminate indoor and outdoor environments following contamination with chemical, biological, or radiological agents.