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International Cooperation

Collaboration with the Asian Development Bank

Handshake between Michelle DePass, EPA’s former Assistant Administrator for International and Tribal Affairs and Rajat M. Nag, Managing Director General of the Asian Development Bank (ADB).
EPA and the Asian Development Bank have a common interest in enhancing environmental protection in the Asia Pacific region.  The goal of the cooperation is to reinforce Asian countries which are now strengthening their environmental laws, ministries, and compliance mechanisms.
Cooperation could include technical assistance, training, and joint project development. Mechanisms are in place to support objectives including efforts to improve air quality, safety of drinking water, management of toxic substances, environmental governance, and water resource management across the Asia Pacific region.

One mechanism for cooperation between EPA and ADB is a capacity development technical assistance agreement (S-CDTA) between the two agencies. The agreement funds the provision of technical expertise from EPA to developing countries in the Asia Pacific region to enhance environmental capacity.

EPA and ADB are exploring opportunities to use this agreement to support workshops on volatile organic compound emissions, evaluation of wastewater technologies, and other research and assistance projects in developing member countries of the Bank.

Past projects have included ADB support of the Global Methane Initiative and EPA’s work with China’s Ministry of Environment on an SO2 cap-and-trade program.

signed agreement


  • 2010 Letter of intent 
  • 2005 Initial letter of intent 


For additional information on EPA's work with Asia, contact:
Mark Kasman
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Office of International and Tribal Affairs (2670R)
1200 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20460
(202) 564-6600