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International Cooperation

EPA Collaboration with Vietnam

Vietnam, one of Asia’s emerging economies, is an important environmental partner for EPA in Asia. EPA’s current cooperation with Vietnam primarily focuses on dioxin remediation and technical assistance to reduce methane emissions. In addition, EPA and Vietnam work together through regional environmental initiatives on mercury monitoring, e-waste management, and environmental information.

EPA’s collaboration with Vietnam advances the Agency's international priorities.

Explore our work in Vietnam: 



  • April 2014:  EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy’s mission to Vietnam promotes regional environmental cooperation 
  • December 2013: 8th Annual Joint Advisory Committee on Agent Orange/Dioxin
  • September 2012: 7th Annual Joint Advisory Committee on Agent Orange/Dioxin
  • September 2011: 6th Annual Joint Advisory Committee on Agent Orange/Dioxin
  • July 2010: 5th Annual Joint Advisory Committee on Agent Orange/Dioxin
  • September 2009: 4th Annual Joint Advisory Committee on Agent Orange/Dioxin 

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Combating Climate Change by Limiting Pollutants

group photo of bio-remediation team in field
EPA provides technical assistance for bioremediation pilot project in Vietnam.

In 2007, Vietnam joined the Global Methane Initiative (GMI). Since then, Vietnam has collaborated with EPA and the World Bank to capture and use methane emissions from agricultural activities.

GMI helped conduct a resource assessment highlighting the agricultural sectors with greatest potential for employing methane-reducing technologies and practices in Vietnam. The recommended projects not only save money, but also result in improved environmental and public health conditions. 

Reducing Exposure to Toxic Chemicals

EPA co-chairs the annual U.S-Vietnam Joint Advisory Committee on Agent Orange/Dioxin (JAC), which coordinates joint research and provides technical advice to policy makers to help develop environmental and health initiatives. EPA also provides technical assistance to remediate dioxin-contaminated sites in Vietnam. 

In 2013, the Vietnam Environmental Administration (VEA) participated in a mercury monitoring workshop and training hosted by EPA and EPA Taiwan. VEA now participates in the pilot Asia-Pacific Mercury Monitoring network which emerged from this effort and plans, with its partners, to establish a new mercury wet deposition monitoring station in 2014.   VEA will host the next meeting of the Science Advisory Group for the Asia-Pacific Mercury Monitoring Network in September 2014.

In addition, EPA provides technical expertise to the Working Group on Remediation for Soil and Groundwater Pollution of the Asia-Pacific RegionExit in which Vietnam participates.  

Cleaning Up E-Waste

Vietnam hosted the 2014 meeting of the International E-Waste Management Network (IEMN), which enables environmental officials from around the world to directly exchange best practices related to e-waste management. Through the network, the Vietnam Environment Administration has shared its experiences related to e-waste management, learned from officials across the region, and participated in workshops on e-waste management in the U.S. and Taiwan. 


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Key Partners

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For additional information about EPA's work with Vietnam, contact:
Rakhi Kasat
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Office of International and Tribal Affairs (2670R)
1200 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20460
E-mail: kasat.rakhi@epa.gov
(202) 564-0458