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Individuals Seeking Lead Abatement Recertification

You must be recertified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) before your current certification expires if you wish to continue conducting lead-based paint activities as an Inspector, Supervisor, Risk Assessor, Project Designer, or Abatement Worker in States and Indian tribal lands where EPA implements the lead-based paint certification program. The following are questions frequently asked by individuals seeking recertification.

Timeline to apply for and receive recertification

You must be recertified by EPA before your current certification expires. EPA therefore recommends that you submit your application for recertification  no later than 90 days before your current certification expires.

You must take refresher training before you apply for recertification to EPA. You should begin looking for available courses well before your current certification expires, because refresher courses may not be available in your area on a frequent basis. However, EPA recommends that you take your refresher training no earlier than 18 months before your current certification expires. You will not lose time from your current certification if you take refresher training early. When you apply for recertification, EPA will issue you a certificate that begins on your current expiration date and expires three years from that date.

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Late applications or delays in fulfilling requirements

You must have taken a refresher course, completed the application process, and received a certificate from EPA before your current certification expires. If the application process is not completed, you must retake the appropriate course from an accredited training program and reapply for initial certification from EPA (including passing a third-party exam, if required). If you do not receive recertification from EPA before your current certification expires, you cannot conduct lead-based paint activities.

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Requirements for applying for recertification

To apply for recertification, you must take an accredited refresher training course and then send the following materials to EPA:

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Requirements for refresher training

You must take an accredited refresher training course for each discipline in which you are certified. The courses must be accredited either by EPA or by an EPA-authorized state or tribal lead-based paint program.

If you are unable to find an accredited refresher course in your discipline, you may take an accredited initial course in your discipline. If you choose this option, you must successfully complete the entire course.

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Third party certification exams

No third party exam is required for recertification, even if you choose to take another initial training course rather than a refresher training course.

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Requirements for passport photos

You must submit two identical passport photographs of you alone. The photographs must be:

  • Recent enough to be a good likeness (taken within the last 6 months);
  • Clear with a front view of your face taking up the majority of the area (no hats or dark glasses) with a white or off-white background;
  • Focused on your head and shoulders; and
  • Printed from film with dimensions of 2 x 2 inches.

Also note that retouched, digital, and profile images are not acceptable.

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Mailing address for recertification applications

Mail your application to the following address:
P.O. Box 14417
Washington, DC  20044-4417

You should keep a copy of your application package, including your check or money order. You may wish to request a proof of mailing from the US Postal Service to document the date that you mailed your application.

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More information and copies of the application forms and instructions

General information, forms, and instructions are available on the web or from the National Lead Information Center (NLIC), or you may download forms and instructions here.

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