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Protect Children's Health - October is Children's Health Month. Find out what you can do to ensure children breathe clean air, drink safe water, and live in healthy communities.



Clean Waters Proposal. We're proposing to strengthen protection for the clean water that is vital to our health and our economy.  Science shows us what kinds of streams and wetlands impact water downstream – our proposal says that these waters should be protected.  One in three Americans (117 million of us) get our drinking water from streams, creeks, and wetlands currently lacking clear protection. Safeguarding smaller streams is crucial for our economy, too, as recent water contamination in Toledo, Ohio showed.  Water is critical across the U.S. economy in areas like tourism, manufacturing, energy, recreation and agriculture.  Our intent is to protect clean water without getting in the way of farming and ranching. Normal farming practices including planting, plowing, and harvesting have always been exempt from Clean Water Act regulations and our proposal doesn’t change that.
-Read more about the proposal and how you can comment on the proposed regulation:
-Read a blog post about the proposal and share your thoughts:
-See our videos on clean water on clean water below, under Multimedia.

What's your climate personality?  You might be a climate superstar! Take EPA's fun climate quiz, share your results, and find out what you can do.

Safer product label (comment through October 31). You can help EPA re-design the Design for the Environment safer product label. Share your thoughts on whether potential new label designs get the message across that products with the label are safer for people's health and the environment, and help buyers recognize safer products on store shelves. Find out more and how you can comment.

New car shopping? If you are shopping for a new car, find and compare the fuel economy of new cars.  The fuel economy estimates for 2015 are now online for over 900 new cars.
Hispanic Heritage Month. EPA is highlighting some of our Hispanic employees who contribute daily to our mission of protecting human health and the environment. We hope that these profiles will serve as an inspiration to others who are interested in protecting our planet.

Mes de la Hispanidad. La EPA está resaltando la labor de algunos de nuestros empleados latinos que contribuyen diariamente a nuestra misión de proteger la salud humana y el medio ambiente. Esperamos que los perfiles reseñados aquí sirvan de inspiración a otros interesados en proteger nuestro planeta.




October 6: Tweet a tip - Twip! October is Children's Health Month. Share things you do to protect children's health. Tweet your tips on Oct. 6 with hashtag #EPAtips and we'll retweet the best ones.

VIDEOS - Recent releases

Clean Water:

-Do You Choose Clean Water? To have clean water downstream in our rivers and lakes, we need healthy water upstream.
-Clean Water Act protections under the proposed rule. Explains the importance of the proposed Clean Water Act rule: 117 million Americans (1/3 of us) get our drinking water from streams that aren’t fully protected.
-Clean Water and Agriculture.  Outlines the significance of the proposed clean water rule for farmers and how the rule will maintain exemptions for farming that are currently in place.
-Clean Water and the US Economy. Describes the importance of protecting water for all sectors of the American economy.
-Waters of the U.S.: Ordinary High Water Mark & Tributaries Explained. Learn about the new definition of tributary that is part of the proposed rule.
-Waters of the U.S.: Adjacent Waters And Floodplains Explained. Learn what EPA means by "adjacent waters" and what their relationship is to floodplains.
-EPA Administrator McCarthy Gives an Overview of EPA's Clean Water Act Rule Proposal.  Highlights of how EPA is taking action to keep America's waters clean and healthy.
-EPA White Board: Clean Water Act Rule Proposal Explained. A visual explanation of EPA's Clean Water Act rule proposal and what it means to you.
-Playlist with more videos about the proposed Clean Water Act rule.

Climate change:

-Climate Change: The Cost of Inaction. Climate change is already affecting people's lives across the country: health, drinking water, food supplies, energy, a safe place to live, and more.
-Climate Showcase Communities: Why WOULDN’T you get involved? Learn how communities are pioneering local sustainability projects.
-What do YOU think about climate change?  Share your thoughts.

EPA’s National Enforcement Investigations Center: The Science Behind Environmental Enforcement. The state-of-the-art science and technology used in investigations, including field sampling, engineering evaluations, forensic lab analyses, and more.

CORRECTION: In the September GoGreen, we used the wrong URL for the "The Story of Reuse" video. The correct URL is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VyzQkL1jCAg





19-25 National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week


Children's Health Month



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