Pollution Prevention Week

EPA Administrator McCarthy reveals the new Safer Choice label.

Pollution Prevention Week

The best way to protect the Earth and its people is to stop creating pollution in the first place – that realization became America's official policy in 1990 with the Pollution Prevention Act. This year, 2015, marks 25 years of this federal policy.

Pollution prevention (P2) is any practice that reduces, eliminates, or prevents pollution at its source and includes conservation of our natural resources. P2, also known as "source reduction," means reducing the amount of pollution so there is less waste to control, treat, or dispose of. Less waste and pollution means less hazards posed to public health and the environment. 

Pollution Prevention (P2) Week highlights the efforts of EPA, its state partners, industry and the public in preventing pollution right from the start!

Learn more about EPA's P2 program.

TRI's P2 Search Tool now helps you identify P2 successes and visually compare P2 performance at both the facility and corporate level. 

Indiana Pollution Prevention Conference & Trade Show. For the past seventeen years, the Indiana Partners for Pollution Prevention (Partners) have sponsored a statewide pollution prevention conference and trade show. Conference topics have ranged from new and innovative pollution prevention technologies being used in Indiana to training on how pollution prevention (P2) can save facilities money.

Find out about events promoting pollution prevention.

Find webinars and training related to P2 as listed by the P2 Resource Exchange Exit.

The National Pollution Prevention Roundtable published the National P2 Results Data System, 2010-2012, which presents a summary of national results from government agencies involved in promoting P2 approaches for the years 2010-2012.

Everyday P2 Choices

We can prevent pollution every day at home through the choices and decisions we make.   Here are some actions you can take during P2 week and throughout the year to conserve natural resources:

What you can do At HomeAt Work and At School.