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Environmental Chemistry Methods (ECM) Index - G

Analyte(s) by Pesticide ECM MRID Matrix Method Date
Glufosinate & Degradates 47542606 Soil/Water 9/14/98
Glufosinate & Degradates 47542607 Water 7/5/00
Glufosinate & Degradates 48799901 Soil 3/28/12
Glufosinate & Degradates 48799901 Water 3/28/12
Glyphosate 44326507 Soil 2/28/94
Glyphosate 40881601 Water 8/1/87
Glyphosate 44326507 Water 2/28/94
Glyphosate (Touchdown, PMG) 44326506 Soil 1/21/94


EPA makes no claim of validity by posting these methods, but recognizes that the methods may be of some utility to state, tribal, and local authorities. In addition, not all methods listed are independently validated.

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