Environmental Chemistry Methods (ECM) Index - H

Analyte(s) by Pesticide ECM MRID Matrix Method Date
Halofenozide (RH-0345) 44352702 Soil 4/9/97
Halosulfuron 42976305 Water 9/1/93
Halosulfuron methyl 42661413 Soil 7/10/92
Hexazinone 42379201 Soil 9/27/91
Hydramethylnon (Amdro) 43345201 Soil 3/15/94
Hydrogen Cyanamide 44804701 Water 8/31/98


EPA makes no claim of validity by posting these methods, but recognizes that the methods may be of some utility to state, tribal, and local authorities. In addition, not all methods listed are independently validated.

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