Contacting EPA about Pesticides: General and Consumer Topics

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General Information:

Name/Email Phone

National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC)

Contact NPIC at Exit 800-858-7378


Name/Email Phone

National Poison Control Hotline

Emergency only 800-222-1222
For administrative and materials requests 202-362-3867
Services for TDD/TDY Callers (exit) 800-222-1222

National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC)

Contact NPIC at Exit 800-858-7378

Endangered Species

Information line with voice recording 800-447-3813

Pesticide Safety

Pesticide exposure questions

National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC) 800-858-7378

Reporting a chemical spill

National Response Center (U.S. Coast Guard) 800-424-8802

Pesticides and National Strategies for Health Care Providers

Office of Pesticide Programs 703-305-7666

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Office of Pesticide Programs Public Regulatory Docket:

Name/Email Phone
Information Desk 703-305-5805

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Name/Email Phone

Ordering Publications

National Service Center for Environmental Publications 800-490-9198
National Technical Information Service (NTIS) 800-553-6847

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Freedom of Information Act (FOIA):

Name/Email Phone
FOIA Request Form (202) 566-1667

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Pesticide Use Data Reports:

Name E-Mail Phone
Tim Kiely 703-308-8112

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Integrated Pest Management:

Name Email Phone

General Information

Raderrio Wilkins 703-308-1259

Environmental Stewardship Program

Lee Tanner 800-972-7717

School Integrated Pest Management

Thomas Cook 702-784-8276
School IPM Mailbox  


Cara Finn 703-305-5659

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