Contacting EPA about Pesticides Science and Policy Issues

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Advisory Committees:

Name Email Phone

Pesticide Program Dialogue Committee (PPDC) 


Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP)

General Information   202‐564‐8450


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Policy & Guidance:

Name Email Phone

Registration Guidance ‐ Conventional Chemicals

Sherada Hobgood 703‐308‐8893
Stephen Schaible (PRIA Products Only) 703‐308‐9362

Registration Guidance ‐ Antimicrobial Chemicals


Registration Guidance ‐ Biological/Biochemical Products

Communications and Registration Liaison    

Registration Guidance ‐ Pesticide Registration (PR) Notices

Michael Yanchulis 703-347-0237

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Test Guidelines:

Name Email Phone

Harmonized Test Guidelines 

Draft copies   
Final copies   

Microbial Pesticide Test Guidelines

Cara Finn 703‐305-5659

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Name Email Phone

Ecological Incident Information System

Robert Miller 703‐347‐8012

Ecotoxicity Database

Brian Montague 703‐305‐6438

Pesticide Fate Database

Larry Liu 703‐305‐5372

Food and Feed Vocabulary Products

Bernie Schneider (Coordinator) 703‐305‐5555
Yueng‐Shaung Ng ng.yuen‐ 703‐308‐8120

Food Commodity Intake Database (FCID)

David Miller 703‐305‐5352
Ordering on CD‐ROM (National Technical Information Service) 800‐553‐6847

Ground and Surface Water Incident Database

Nicholas Mastrota 703‐305‐5247

Pesticide Handler Exposure Database (PHED)

Jeff Evans 703‐305‐7877

Pesticides in Ground and Surface Water Database

Sid Abel 703‐305‐7346

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Name Email Phone

Probabilistic Exposure and Risk model for FUMigants (PERFUM)

Jeff Dawson 703‐305‐7329

Swimmer Exposure Assessment Model (SWIMODEL)

Norm Cook 703‐308‐8253

GENeric Estimated Exposure Concentration (GENEEC)

Ronald Parker 703‐305‐5505

FQPA Index Reservoir Screening Tool (FIRST)

Ronald Parker 703‐305‐5505

Screening Concentration In GROund Water (SCI‐GROW)

Michael Barrett 703‐305‐6391

Pesticide Root Zone Mode (PRZM)

Lawrence Burns 706‐355‐8119

Exposure Analysis Modeling System (EXAMS)

Lawrence Burns 706‐355‐8119

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Name Email Area Phone

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory ‐ Environmental Science Center, Fort Meade, Maryland

Thuy Nguyen Branch Chief 410‐305‐2905
Paul Golden Team Leader 410‐305‐2960
Theresa Cole National Pesticide Standard Repository 410‐305‐2907

Environmental Chemistry Laboratory in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

Diann Sims Acting Branch Chief 703-308-8129
Christian Byrne Quality Assurance Officer 228‐688‐3213
Elizabeth Flynt Environmental Chemistry Methods (ECM) Coordinator 228‐688‐2410
Tripp Boone Safety/Health, Environmental Compliance 228‐688‐3213

Microbiology Laboratory ‐ Environmental Science Center, Fort Meade, Maryland

Susan Lawrence Branch Chief 410‐305‐2954
Stephen Tomasino Senior Scientist 410‐305‐3976
Jafrul Hasan Team Leader 410‐305‐2657
Kiran Verma Quality Assurance Officer 410‐305‐2957
Michele Cotrill Alternate Quality Assurance Officer 410-305-2955

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