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Contacts in the Office of Pesticide Programs, Field and External Affairs Division

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The Field and External Affairs Division (FEAD) is responsible for: 

  • program policies and regulations;
  • legislation and congressional interaction;
  • regional, state, and tribal coordination and assistance;
  • international and field programs; and
  • communication and outreach activities.
Name E-Mail Phone Area of Responsibility

Immediate Office
Fax: 703-305-6244

Jacqueline E. Mosby mosby.jackie@epa.gov 703-305-7102 Director
Patricia Parrott parrott.patricia@epa.gov 703-305-7102 Deputy Director

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Certification and Worker Protection Branch

Implements the following pesticide worker safety programs: agricultural worker protection, pesticide applicator certification, tpesticide container, containment and disposal, and the Pesticide and the "Pesticides and National Strategies for Health Care Providers" Initiative.

Kevin Keaney keaney.kevin@epa.gov 703-305-7666 Branch Chief

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Communication Services Branch
Fax: 703-305-5558

Communicates pesticide regulatory program decisions and activities, through facts, publications, press announcements, educational campaigns, and other communications efforts. Coordinates safety outreach for the general public.

Anne Overstreet overstreet.anne@epa.gov 703-308-8068 Branch Chief

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Government and International Services Branch
Fax: 703-308-1850

Coordinates OPP program activities with EPA regions, states and tribes and serves as liaison to international program activities.

Daniel A. Helfgott helfgott.daniel@epa.gov 703-308-8054 Branch Chief

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Policy and Regulatory Services Branch
Fax: 703-305-5884

Develops, coordinates, and interprets regulatory actions and policy for OPP. Coordinates niformation collection requests (ICRs) and manages external program evaluations (OIG, GAO) for the office. Leads development and implementation of voluntary programs. Coordinates international policy and acts as liaison for outside entities in the policy arena.

Jeffrey Bryan bryan.jeffrey@epa.gov 703 347-8782 Branch Chief
Kathryn Boyle boyle.kathryn@epa.gov 703-305-6304 Senior Regulatory Advisor
Joseph Hogue hogue.joseph@epa.gov 703-308-9072 Crop Tour Coordinator

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