Contacts in the Office of Pesticide Programs, Registration Division

The Registration Division (RD) is responsible for conventional chemical product registrations, amendments, registrations, tolerances, experimental use permits, and emergency exemptions for conventional chemical pesticides.

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Name E-Mail Phone Area of Responsibility

Immediate Office

Susan Lewis 703-305-5447 Director
George (Jeff) Herndon 703-305-6362 Deputy Director
Dan Rosenblatt 703-308-9366 Deputy Director
Diane Isbell 703-308-8154 Special Assistant
Debra Rate 703-306-0309 Special Assistant
Reduced Risk Coordinator
Susan Jennings 706-355-8574 Public Health Coordinator
Stephen Schaible 703-308-9362 Conventional Chemical PRIA
Sherada Hobgood 703-308-8893 Ombudsperson (general)

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Invertebrate-Vertebrate Branch 1

Insecticides, insect repellents, insect growth regulators

Marietta Echeverria 703-305-8578 Branch Chief
Kable (Bo) Davis 703-306-0415 PM Team 3
Jennifer Urbanski    703-347-0156 PM Team 4
Maggie Rudick  703-347-0257 Child-Resistant Packaging (CRP)

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Invertebrate-Vertebrate Branch 2

Insecticides, insect repellents, insect growth regulators

Deborah McCall 703-605-0717 Branch Chief
Richard Gebken 703-305-6701 PM Team 10
Michael Walsh    703-308-2972 PM Team 11

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Invertebrate-Vertebrate Branch 3

Insecticides, structural fumigants, rodenticides, wildlife control products (including contraceptives)

Meredith Laws 703-308-7038 Branch Chief
Venus Eagle 703-308-8045 PM Team 1
Mark Suarez 703-305-0120 PM Team 7

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Fungicide Branch

Fungicides, nematicides, fumigants, plant growth regulators

Cynthia Giles-Parker 703-305-7740 Branch Chief
Hope Johnson 703-305-5410 PM Team 21
Tony Kish 703-308-9443 PM Team 22

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Herbicide Branch

Herbicides (including phenoxys, aquatics, desiccants and defoliants)

Dan Kenny 703-305-7546 Branch Chief
Kathryn Montague 703-305-1243 PM Team 23
Reuben Baris 703-305-7356 PM Team 25

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Fungicide Herbicide Branch

Fungicides and herbicides

Rachel Holloman 703-305-7193 Branch Chief
Shaja Joyner 703-308-3194 PM Team 20
Heather Garvie      703-308-0034 PM Team 24

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Minor Use and Emergency Response Branch

Marion Johnson 703-305-6788 Branch Chief
TaWanda Maignan 703-308-8050 Emergency Response Team Leader;
Section 18s and 24(c)s
Barbara Madden 703-305-6463 Minor Use Team Leader;
IR-4 liaison, minor use policy

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Chemistry, Inerts and Toxicology Assessment Branch

PV Shah 703-308-1846 Branch Chief
John Redden 703-305-1969 Branch Senior Scientist
Shyam Mathur 703-308-9374 Product Chemistry Team Leader;
review of product chemistry data
Masih Hashim 703-308-6551 Acute Toxicity Team Leader;
review of acute toxicity studies
for formulated products and
review of precautionary labeling
Kerry Leifer 703-308-8811 Inert Team Leader; Inert
ingredient clearance requests

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