Pesticide Registration

Electronic Submissions of Pesticide Applications

Applications for pesticide registration can be submitted electronically, including forms, studies, and draft product labeling. We encourage electronic submissions for the following regulatory actions:

  • New pesticide active ingredients.
  • New pesticide products containing already-registered pesticide active ingredients.
  • Amendments to registered pesticide products.
  • Experimental use permits.
  • Petitions for food tolerance.
  • Distributor products.
  • Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program (EDSP) Orders.

The following categories cannot be submitted electronically:

  • Submissions that support reregistration or registration review.
  • Supplemental information submitted at Agency request.
  • Incident reporting (FIFRA 6(a)(2) submissions). 
  • Submissions of data as a condition of registration.
  • Notifications.

Application Materials

Tools for developing an electronic submission

The following tools are provided to build your electronic submission: