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Pesticide Registration

Multi-Year Workplan for Conventional Pesticide Registration

The workplans for conventional new chemicals, new uses, and food-use inert registration candidates represent our current list and schedules for these important actions; however, we have included room for flexibility in these workplans to ensure a quick response should an emerging public health or environmental issue arise.

The listing for each type of registration action identifies the pending actions that we have received under the Pesticide Registration Improvement Act (PRIA) of 2003 and the Pesticide Registration Improvement Renewal Act (PRIRA or PRIA II) signed on October 9, 2007 . The listings will be updated as registration decisions on these actions are made and additional submissions are received. For some chemicals the Agency is currently in the process of determining schedules for review for the actions. The "OPP Expected Completion" defaults to the quarter in which the PRIA Due Date falls, although it is likely a decision will be reached sooner.

As the review schedules are finalized, the work plan will be updated to reflect these changes. Work-sharing arrangements with other regulatory agencies and Agency priorities such as reduced risk, methyl bromide alternative, and OP alternative actions are indicated in the "Comments" column. Under PRIA, reduced risk registration actions receive an expedited time frame for review. More information on:

Specific questions regarding the ongoing status of a chemical should be referred to the appropriate product manager, team leader, or branch chief on our contacts page.