National Program Manager Guidances

FY 2015 Draft Addendums to the FY 2014 NPM Guidances

In FY 2015, NPMs developed addendums to update the FY 2014 NPM Guidances for significant changes, such as budget differences and new initiatives. The FY 2014 NPM Guidances for OCIR/NEPPS, OEI and OITA do not include any changes and will be carried over for FY 2015.

The FY 2015 Addendums were available for comment from March 17 – April 4. Using the External Comments and Response to Comments Template(1 pg, 15 K), comments were due to Marc Vincent and the appropriate NPM contact by April 4. Responses to comments will be posted with the Final FY 2015 Addendums on April 28. 

FY 2014 Final NPM Guidances

The FY 2014 National Program Manager (NPM) Guidances focus on EPA's environmental program delivery in partnership with our regional offices, states, and tribes as well as on our internal efforts. The Overview to the NPM Guidances includes additional background information and highlights common areas of emphasis across environmental programs.