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Region 8 is doing its best in the fight for clean air! Approximately seventy-five percent of Region 8 employees use alternative transportation which includes:

  • biking
  • car-pooling
  • public transportation
  • van pools.

Each year Region 8 provides Eco Passes for employees that live within the Denver Metro area. Our parking garage provides preferred parking spacing for employees that car-pool into work. For employees that live outside the Denver Metro area, the Region has a commuter check program. Participants in this program receive a transit subsidy check each month which helps with their commute from Northern or Southern Colorado.

Business travel

The Regional Office has an extensive fleet of vehicles that are available for use to travel around the region. The RO has 9 vehicles available to be checked out to employees as well as 12 programmatic vehicles. The Lab has four vehicles available, and the MOO has five. These vehicles may be hybrids, E-85 or diesel fueled.

Due to the high cost of travel to go to the Montana Operations Office, Region 8 is upgrading its video and teleconferencing capabilities in order to reduce the amount of travel between Denver, Helena and the rest of the agency locations.

Image of metro bus

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Image of bike storage locker
Bicycle locker in the parking area.

The EPA Building makes it easy for employees to take public transportation and encourage employees to ride their bikes to work by providing bike commuter friendly facilities, so it's not surprising that 2 out of 3 employees use alternative transportation to get to work!

  • Underground parking spaces for 70 bicycles or scooters
  • Showers for bicycle commuters so they can freshen up after their ride
  • Hybrid, alternative fuel vehicles and soon, electric vehicles are used by our field employees
  • EcoPass, a pass allowing EPA employees to use the bus and lightrail
  • EPA encourages using “van pools” and ride sharing when possible

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