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Green Construction Materials

To conserve resources and recycle, the EPA Region 8 building is made of many surprising objects. Our reception desk is actually made of recycled soda cans!

Image of region 8 headquarters reception desk
Reception desk made of recycled soda cans.
  • Some floors are made from tires and cork leftover from a bottle manufacturing company
  • Floors, seats, ceilings and paneling are made from bamboo grass, because bamboo grass is “rapidly renewable”, meaning it grows back quickly

Break Rooms:

  • Floors are post-consumer recycled tire & post-industrial recycled cork
  • Cabinets are agriboard (wheat straw board w/ water-based adhesive)
  • Doors frames contain recycled aluminum
  • 89% of wood (including the maple veneer on the doors) are FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council) and create little waste and environmental impact


  • Panel fabrics are corn cloth (beige) and recycled polyester (green)
  • Wheat Board, minimal amount of PVC at edging
  • Green Guard Certified (no VOCs)
  • Carpeting: contains 40% recycled content (some recycled pop bottles)

Local Materials
We use fly ash concrete from factories in the area. Because the factories are nearby, less fuel and energy is used to transport materials to our building.

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Recycled Content Paper

We purchase 100 percent post-consumer recycled content copy paper for our computer printers and copy machines. This change in our purchasing practices proceeded with few operational problems and well exceeds the 30 percent post-consumer standard established by the EPA's Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines for recycled content products. Purchasing recycled content paper improves the end market for paper collected in recycling programs and encourages market development for products made from recycled content. Because each printer and copier operates differently, some research might be needed to find the best brand of recycled paper to fit your machine.

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Green Cleaning Products

Many cleaning products contain hazardous and toxic materials that present risks to janitorial staff, building occupants, and the environment. 1595 Wynkoop is cleaned with green janitorial products that have a smaller environmental impact.


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