Water Conservation

EPA's Region 8 headquarters has integrated water design standards and state-of-the-art water saving devices like low flow fixtures, dual flush toilets and waterless urinals. In addition, facilities personnel continually monitor and revise water-use theory, ensuring minimum consumption necessary. Examples of this are exemplified through constant monitoring of water consumption in items like steam condensate engineering, and green roof storm water best management practice policy making.

Imag eof a waterless urinal.
Waterless urinal in Region 8 headquarters

Dual Flush Toilets

Up for #1 and down for #2 — if you flush the right way, you can save a gallon of water per day per person. If everyone in the EPA Region 8 building flushed correctly we could save about 850 gallons of water a day!

Waterless Urinals

Using gel instead of water to keep the urinal smelling nice, we save 986 gallons of water every day. That's enough water to fill up your average, big red firetruck.

Low-flow Water Fixtures

Our faucets come on only when they sense someone’s hands beneath them.

By using water more efficiently we can preserve water resources for the future. Water conservation and efficiency is the long-term ethic of conserving water resources through the employment of water-saving technologies. Using water efficiently will conserve supplies for future generations.