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Drinking Water System Operations in Wyoming and Region 8 Tribal Lands

Map of EPA Region 8

Drinking Water System Operations in Wyoming and Region 8 Tribal Lands

This website is designed for the use of owners, operators. and administrative staff who work at public water supply systems in Wyoming and on Tribal lands within the jurisdiction of EPA Region 8.

You will be able to look at data we have for your system and sampling results, obtain reporting instructions and forms, and read about requirements and news that affect your water system. In the future, we will provide information to Tribal operators about their training and certification and will offer some noncredit learning opportunities online. Browse the topics below for more specific information on drinking water operation and regulatory topics, including:

Drinking Water Watch (DWW) - See what data EPA Region 8 has on your public water system, including inventory, sampling requirements, sample results, violations, and system contacts. Information is constantly updated from our Safe Drinking Water Information System (SDWIS). You may access the Drinking Water Watch Login page once you have registered. There is also a Public Access Version of DWW that requires no login but contains only basic information about public supply water systems.

Emergencies and Security - Plan for emergencies and find out what to do regarding total coliform positive sample results, loss of pressure, natural disasters, or threats to your water system.

Registration and Account Maintenance - Register for permission to view your system(s) data in Drinking Water Watch and to periodically update your password.

Reporting, Forms and Instructions - Download forms for routine monitoring reports and to report changes to your system. Find tools for preparing sampling plans. Learn more about preparing and distributing your annual Consumer Confidence Reports and public notices for boil water advisories or for violations of drinking water regulations. Download instructions and forms or templates.

Rules and Guidance - Find out what the drinking water rules state and read the guidance that is available to help you implement the rules. Identify maximum contaminant limits and monitoring requirements. Learn more about proposed rules and guidance.

Sampling and Treatment Techniques - Find guidance on techniques used for taking samples and monitoring system operations. Obtain the most current listing of laboratories certified to analyze specified microbiological, chemical, and radionuclide samples.

System and Operational Improvements - Find forms to notify EPA when your Public Water System is making changes to any source, treatment, water system facility (WSF) or management. Read about how to evaluate your system, what sanitary surveys are, funding mechanisms, and where to obtain technical assistance.

Training and Certification - In development: Training and certification records for tribal system operators. Wyoming operators should check with the Wyoming Operator Certification Program Exit regarding their training and certification records.

Presentations - Download presentation materials from recent and past conferences and other training venues.

What's New - Look for listings of information that has been posted recently and for announcements of upcoming events, training, presentations, and rule-making.

Information about drinking water system construction, permits, and operator certification programs administered by the State of Wyoming is available on-line through the Wyoming DEQ Water Quality Division. Exit