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It has been shown that the most effective way of providing high quality drinking water and protecting public health is to have public water systems operated by certified operators. Regulations promulgated under the Safe Drinking Water Act require that all public water systems be operated by qualified personnel.

If you are an operator of one or more public water supply systems in Wyoming, you are required to be certified by the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (WYDEQ). Please visit WYDEQ’s website for further information regarding the Water and Wastewater Treatment Operator Certification Program Exit. Information is available about upcoming creditable training and test schedules. You may also view your records online after providing a personal identifier.

If you are an operator of one or more public water supply systems in Indian Country, note that EPA Region 8 requires all community and non-transient non-community water systems to have, or agree to obtain, a certified operator. Tribal system operators may be certified under any EPA approved program, which includes the EPA National Tribal Drinking Water Certification Program (which offers a Very Small Water System option) and approved State Operator Certification Programs. To learn more about the EPA programs in Region 8, please see the Tribal Drinking Water Operator Certification Program fact sheet.

Operators are required to take training to qualify for initial certification and to obtain the required number and type of continuing education or contact hours required for certification and recertification to operate and maintain the public water supply system and/or distribution system at which they work.

EPA Region 8 normally sends out notices of training opportunities it organizes. Additionally, please check the EPA HQ website and the external links shown on the right hand side of this page.

The US EPA Drinking Water Academy posts presentations on such topics as the Safe Drinking Water Act, Drinking Water Rules, assessment of water systems, and security issues.

US EPA also has a network of Technical Assistance Centers (TACnet) Exit throughout the United States. There is a Technical Assistance Center in Montana, which offers Training for Water Professionals Exit through Montana State University in Bozeman. If you have a dial-up connection to the Internet, downloading may be slow, so you may want to order training on a CD ROM version, if available.