Region 8

EJ: Policies, Tools & Documents

Considering Environmental Justice in Permitting

EPA Activities to Promote Environmental Justice in the Permit Application Process

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF) (154 pp, 8 K, About PDF)

EPA Region 8 Regional Implementation Plan to Promote Meaningful Engagement of Overburdened Communities in Permitting Activities is posted to EPA’s Plan EJ 2014 website.

All Regional Plans are posted to the EPA’s Plan EJ 2014 website.

The Federal Register Notice is available on the EPA’s Plan EJ 2014 website.


Cover Memorandum for Executive Order 12898

Executive Order 12898

Environmental Justice Assessment Tools

Environmental Justice Strategy

EPA Inspector General Reports on Environmental Justice

EPA Testimony on Environmental Justice

Plan EJ 2014


The Environmental Justice Strategic Enforcement Assessment Tool (EJ SEAT)

Toolkit for Assessing Potential Allegations of Environmental Injustice

The CARE Roadmap: 10-Step Plan to Improve Community Environment and Health (PDF, 20pp, 3MB) is a method for communities to build collaborative partnerships and assess and address local risks.




1996 Environmental Justice Implementation Plan

Environmental Justice Guidance Under the National Environmental Policy Act

EPA Statutory and Regulatory Authorities Under Which Environmental Justice Issues May Be Addressed in Permitting

EPA's Commitment to Environmental Justice

Final Guidance For Incorporating Environmental Justice Concerns in EPA's NEPA Compliance Analyses

Strengthening EPA's Environmental Justice Program