Region 8

EPA Region 8 Implementation of the Recovery Act

This page provides links to information about environmental projects administered by EPA in Colorado, Montana, North and South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA).

ARRA funding has helped to clean Brownfields, speed cleanup work at Superfund sites, support the implementation of diesel emission reduction technologies, and assess and clean up leaking underground storage tanks.

  • Brownfields : Grants funding will help communities evaluate, and clean up and reuse former industrial and commercial sites.
  • Clean Diesel : Grants will help state and local governments and nonprofit organizations with projects that improve fuel efficiency and reduce air emissions in Region 8 communities.
  • Clean Water : Significant funding will assist communities with wastewater and drinking water infrastructure needs. A portion of the funding will target green infrastructure, water and energy efficiency, and environmentally innovative projects.
  • Superfund Cleanups : Funding will advance the pace of cleanup at several hazardous waste sites in Region 8.
  • Leaking Underground Storage Tank Cleanups : Funding for cooperative agreements with states will assist with leaking underground storage tanks and help protect soil and water quality.

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Press releases on EPA Recovery Act funds in Region 8 can be found in the Newsroom.