Region 8

Freedom of Information Act

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) allows the public to request copies of records in the possession of federal agencies. According to federal regulations, requests for records from EPA must be submitted in writing to the Freedom of Information Officer. The requested records are released unless the record falls into one of the nine exemptions set forth under the Act, as listed on the National FOIA How to Make a Request page.

EPA Region 8 is required to provide the fullest possible disclosure of information to the public for the six Region 8 states. However, much EPA information is available to the public without submitting a FOIA request. To save you time and money, you should first review this FOIA website and also the National EPA Website. The links at the left provide access to numerous sources of data. The National Reading Room, the Sources of Information link, and the Region 8 Reading Room provide access to the most frequently requested EPA information.