Region 8

Protecting Agricultural Workers

EPA has implemented the Worker Protection Standard to prevent and mitigate the exposure of agricultural workers to pesticides. The standard provides for the notification of pesticide applications, restricted entry intervals for treated fields, and pesticide safety training for field workers and pesticide handlers. Additionally, the standard outlines the use of appropriate personal protective clothing and equipment, decontamination sites, and emergency transportation. The standard applies to pesticides used in farming, forestry, nursery or greenhouse operations where employees may be exposed.

Complete Worker Protection Standard regulatory requirements are available on the EPA Office of Pesticide Programs' Health and Safety page. Additional information on compliance can be found on EPA's Worker Protection Standard Compliance Monitoring Program page.

Human Exposure

If someone has swallowed or inhaled a pesticide, or been exposed in the eyes or on the skin:

For further information or assistance, contact the Region 8 Worker Protection Standard program managers:

303-312-6044 FAX

Suzanne Stevenson (

Kristen Keteles (
Pesticide Toxicologist

In Montana contact:
406-457-5055 FAX