Region 8

QA Training in Region 8

QA Core Training

Course description:
The QA Core Training is required for all Region 8 employees involved in any data use, collection, review, data management, or data reporting (i.e., Project Officers, Contracts Officers, Work Assignment Managers, Remedial Project Managers, Program Managers, all field and/or lab personnel, Tribal Technical Project Officers, inspectors, permit writers, data managers, etc.).

Introduction to Delegated QA Approving Officer (DAO) Training

Course description:
This introductory course informs Region 8 employees about requirements to obtain delegated authority to approve project-level QA documents. This is a required course for anyone who wants to approve project-level QA documents (e.g., QAPPs, SAPs, FSPs).

Conceptual Site Model (CSM) Training

Course description:
Learn why conceptual site models are important to the Data Quality Objectives process. This course is appropriate for anyone developing conceptual site models and includes a special focus on CSM use at tribal lands.

Developing Quality Assurance Project Plans using Data Quality Objectives and other Planning Tools

Course description:
QAPP development documents and is the culmination of the Systematic Planning Process. This course introduces key planning concepts such as Data Quality Objectives (DQOs), Data Quality Indicators (DQIs), and Data Quality Assessment (DQA), which when used, will strengthen your QAPP.

QA Training for New Tribal Water Quality Coordinators

Course description and link:
QA Training for New Tribal Water Quality Coordinators (Clean Water Act 106)